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[06 Jul 2008|12:07am]

no this is my worst nightmare....not my beloved jalapenos!!!1
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Jean Grae Interview with HipHopDX.com [28 Nov 2005|12:55am]

Jean Grae: The Jeanius
Monday - November 14, 2005
Kevin Clark


There is a curse that follows Jean Grae wherever she goes. In January of this year, I did my first interview with the New York MC when she came to Cleveland. Let’s just say that this nervous writer’s first piece was made worse when the tape snapped. Coincidence? Or is it a curse? Jean has been hailed as one the game’s illest rhymesayers, critically acclaimed, and praised for her albums. Yet, she has not garnered mainstream success like Kim, Foxy, and Trina. Again – coincindence? I think not. Even this interview had it’s complications as the computer fried, almost losing the contents of this piece [thank God for autosave]. Yes, believe it or not – Jean Grae is cursed. But with every curse, comes a gift. This gift comes in the form of childhood friends, Talib Kweli and Cory Smyth. Together the duo formed Blacksmith Music and guess who they brought in to be down with the team? Ms. Jean Grae, of course. Another gift… she’s working on new music.

Jean Grae sits down with HHDX.com to talk about her future project, how she almost contemplated putting down the mic, and how she feels that NYC is kind of fakin’ it when it comes down to what’s going on in the real world.

HHDX: What’s new in your world?
Jean Grae: Right now, my music is good. It’s the love life that sucks. I guess it all makes for good music. The album Prom Night is on the way. My prom night was horrible. I went by myself. My friend’s left me. I walked home in the rain. With this album I get to relive it and do it the right way. I’ve been thinking about doing a celebrity bake sale event and how it would tie into the album. I think that I’ll build it around prom and High School.

The promotion of this album would be tied into prom. I’d like to have a celebrity talent show or something like that.

HHDX: I could picture it now – Mos Def singing “Private Eyes” by Hall and Oates [laughs].

Jean Grae: [Laughs].

HHDX: You’re now signed to (Talib) Kweli and Corey Smyth’s – Blacksmith Music Label – how do you feel about that?

Jean Grae: Good. It’s weird. I’m really happy about the fact that I’m down with people that have a mutual respect for one another as artists and as people. We’ve all been supportive of one another for a numerous amount of years. I have true creative freedom here at Blacksmith. I am excited and a bit nervous.

Read more...Collapse )
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Hip Hop Talk [08 Jun 2005|03:44am]

not sure if Im allowed to do this here or not but here goes....

No fancy banner or nothing.... just real hip hop discussion and keystylin.
Talk about albums, history, and debate. Anything hip hop related is welcome.

all are welcome

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[29 Apr 2005|05:05pm]

Zion I & OPIO (Souls of Mischief) - STACKS LA
TOMORROW!!! April 30, 2005 at 4pm

Zion I & Opio of Souls Of Mischief will be in the house here at Read more...Collapse )
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[28 Feb 2005|10:23am]

Adm, Pumpkinhead, Jean Grae, Mr. Metaphor, Block Mccloud, Ryan Perfect, Many Styles - Park Slope Brooklyn, NY

Music By: DJ Snooze
Hosted By: Mr. Metaphor
When: Thursday, March 03, 2005 - 9:00 PM
Admission: $8 - 21+
Where: South Paw - 125 5th Avenue
For More Info: (917)579-4678 or mrmetaphor_bkac@hotmail.com
For More Info (Web Site): http://www.spsounds.com
Brought To You By: Remarcable Entertainment
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Jean in NYC, 2/19 at the Knitting Factory [13 Feb 2005|12:59pm]

Beat Society, NYC - Saturday, February 19, 2004
@ The Knitting Factory NYC
( 74 Leonard Street )
- Jean Grae
- Bean One
- Kev Brown
- Chad "Wes" Hamiltion
On the Mic:
- Ming (The Spooks)
- Pumpkinhead
- & More
On the Wheels:
- DJ Avee
Hosted By:
- Stef Tataz & Sao

Doors @ 10:30
$15 at the door, $12 advance (@ venue or www.knittingfactory.com)
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About two weeks old, just to lazy to post it before... [13 Feb 2005|12:57pm]

Hot rap just a state of Grae's

Jean Grae says it happens after every album.

It starts with a fit of frustration mottled with rage, often vented on hip-hop Web sites in articulate rants. It culminates in a vow that she'll quit for good.

"It's one of those, 'Do I want to go ahead and do another independent release, considering how hard it was this time around?" says the 28-year-old rapper, who entered the game a decade ago as emcee What? What? in the group Natural Resource.

"But I think I know that I'm not done, that there are other topics. I have more things to talk about."

Grae gives up a piece of her mind tomorrow night at Rothko, 116 Rivington St., where she performs songs from her latest album, "This Week," lyrical vignettes that take place over seven days.

Unlike raunchy female rappers who rely on X-rated lyrics and clothes (or lack of) to match, Grae opts to keep covered.

"It's cool to have the naked girl if she wants to be the naked girl. We should be able to express our sexuality," says Grae, the daughter of legendary jazz pianist Abdullah Ibrahim.

"My only problem comes when it's the naked girl and no other girl. I can be the girl with her clothes on, with the book and the glasses. Because people wear clothes. It's cold outside."

At that, Grae erupts in a laugh, hinting at the sense of humor that sparked a split with a label that wanted to sign her (she joked that she was a pre-op man en route to a sex change; the label thought she was serious and got cold feet).

Born in South Africa as Tsidi Ibrahim, Grae moved to New York as a child. At 13, she was the youngest person to be in Alvin Ailey's second dance company. She was a vocal major at the High School of the Performing Arts.

Grae lives in Williamsburg with her fiance/manager. On one of the red walls in their apartment, right by a bar that doubles as a deejay booth, a sign scrawled with New Year's greetings declares, "WORD, '05, NAWMEAN?"

"There are a lot of club bangers and hot songs and dime-a-dozen rappers, people who sound alike that you can't pick out of what I call a rap lineup," says Grae, who drops verses on The Roots' most recent album, "TheTipping Point."

"Everything is so focused on making that catchy hook that they've forgotten about good music. I am trying to have a hit career and not make a hit song or hit album."
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new to the community.. [25 Jan 2005|05:51am]

i just heard jean grae's "keep living" and im hooked for life already. im so tempted to buy all her albums off amazon.ca right now. her lyrics are raw, real and i can relate to them so well its scary. shes definitely my next favorite female rapper next to bahamadia. peace.

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Jean & Diverse Dates [23 Dec 2004|03:04am]

January 12th @ Nanci Raygun in Richmond, VA
January 13th in Philadelphia, PA (venue TBA)
January 14th @ the Ottobar in Baltimore, MD
January 15th @ Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights,OH
January 16th @ St. Andrews Hall in Detroit, MI
January 18th in Indianapolis, IN (venue TBA)
January 19th @ the Abbey Pub in Chicago, IL
January 20th @ Little Brother's in Columbus, OH
January 21th @ the Black Cat in Washington, DC
January 22th in New York, NY (venue TBA)
January 23th @ Club Metronome in Burlington, VT
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inspired by jean grae--rhymes with bucket [02 Dec 2004|09:32pm]

and he struck it into the pan, or kettle, or caldron, or pot; all that the fork brought up the priest took therewith. So they did in Shiloh to all the Israelites who came there

I am truly enjoying the candles I ordered from It's A Soy

Covet earnestly the best gifts

The Daily Gullet Competitions Test your mettle in our rotating series of challenges

Redub it. ... repeat it over and over again

Rubbish - it doesn't go away.

Welcome to above it all.

It is in the stomach that substantial chemical and enzymatic digestion is...
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[30 Oct 2004|03:46am]
hey guys. i’m new. i just wanted to introduce myself and say i’m really stoked that there’s a jean grae community, because i’m seriously, i can’t stop listening to her. her music seems to be the perfect soundtrack to my life right now. and i’m cursing my location (columbus ohio), cuz i know it will be a while before i’m able to see her live.

she just fucking amazes me.
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[21 Oct 2004|07:48am]

I've heard it through the grapevine that there is a Love Song part 2, but it never made it to This Week. At first i assumed that "P.S." was a continuation of Love Song, seeing as she finally told you who Love Song was about. =\
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[18 Oct 2004|09:48pm]


She already told you who she does it for...Collapse )
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My jean photos [18 Oct 2004|08:11am]


From Southpaw in Bklyn...Collapse )
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NYC [17 Oct 2004|03:59am]

Jean Grae, Jin, Mira Ben-Ari, Lord Have Mercy, The Bad Seed, Dstroy (of the Arsonist), Rise & Shine.

Wed. Octorber 27th
Club Speed
20 W 39th Street (Between 5th & 6th ave.)
Guys $10, Ladies free until 12
No I.D, No Entry, No Exceptions
1/2 Price with college I.D

Hosted by: Mental Supreme of Training Camp
Music by: Dj Sho-tyme
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[15 Oct 2004|11:55am]

I posted this last week in the undrgrnd_hiphop community and wanted to let yous know that it's a BI-WEEKLY gathering. I went to the one on Monday Oct. 11th, since it's my first time interning for Mr.Len and he wanted me to show my face to people. I was there and I'll be there from time to time. Plus Jean Grae was there and I introduced myself to her and she's one dope chick. Lat time, Prince Paul was there. So expect to see surprise visits. It's **FREE** to get in for all the budget spending people. Oh and no ID'S to get yourself in but you do need it to buy the alcohol.

Tadira Kai

121 St. Marks Place, NYC
a bi-weekly after work gathering for grown folks
featuring the extraordinary party rocker
Mr. Len & occasional guest DJs

Doors open at 8 PM


And remember:
"If you ain't gonna get it on, take yo' dead ass home!"

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[13 Oct 2004|08:36pm]

Jean Grae, Wordsworth, Medna Green, Lord Have Mercy, Hydra, DJ Kuttin Kandi - Park Slope Bklyn, NY

Music By: DJ Jayceeoh
Hosted By: Pumpkinhead And Mazzi (Soul Purpose)
When: Saturday, October 16, 2004 - 9:00 PM
Admission: $12 - 18+
Where: Southpaw - 125 5th Ave. (Btwn. St. Johns St and Sterling Pl
For More Info: redarmymusic@yahoo.com
Brought To You By: Red Army, Mazalot Promo, Stormtroopers Ent
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[12 Oct 2004|01:08pm]

Hey, just read the interview posted about her and saw that the person who posted ran this community, so thought I'd join and see what's up.

I've not heard a huge amount of Jean, but what I have heard is definitely fresh. I'm a big fan of "Swing Blades" though.

Anyway, there we have it. London love for Jean :)
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[10 Oct 2004|07:15pm]

Post more in here. Come on already. Don't make me come to all of your homes and start cutting off fingers...
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[27 Aug 2004|08:56pm]

I saw this on the okayplayer board and thought it was pretty awesome...

Jean Grae's auto-biography

check it out, it's a good read.
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